Calcium Carbonate Pharmaceutical Use

Carbonate Carbonate in Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industries use Precipitated Calcium Carbonate in the fermentation process and to manufacture tapped density tablet making.

Pharmaceutical Grade Precipitated Calcium Carbonate contains high content of CaCO3 and very low impurities like Pb, As, Hg, Fe etc. It is used to neutralize the acids in fermentation process and for calcium supplement tablets. Granulated Precipitated Calcium Carbonate makes it easier to shape calcium tablets.

Specifications of Pharmaceutical Grade

Chemical Properties Physical Properties
Color Bright White Crystal Structure Calcitic
Hunter Whiteness 97 % Min. Water Absorption 50 to 55 ml/100 gm
CaCO3 % by Weight 98.5 % Min. Oil Absorption 30 to 35 ml/100 gm
Lead as pb Traces Loss on Drying at 105o C 0.8% Max.
Copper as Cu Negligible Specific Gravity 2.65
Arsenic as As NIL Bulk Density 0.60 to 0.70 gm/ml
Sulphate as SO4 0.2% Max. Average Particle Size 3 to 5 μm
Soluble alkali as Na2O 0.15% Max. Residue on 300 mess 0.2% Max.
Silica as SiO2 0.07% Max. Microbiological Specifications:
Iron as Fe 0.01 % Max. Total Bacterial Counts (Aerobic) < 100 CFU/gm
pH 9.0 to 9.5 Total Fungal Counts (Aerobic) < 500 CFU/gm
Phosphate as PO4 0.05 % Max. Gram Positive Spore Forming Bacilli < 500 CFU/gm
Chloride as Cl Traces Gram Negative Bacilli Negative to Test
Magnesium as MgO 0.7 % Max.    
Flouride as F Traces    
Manganese (Mn) 0.005% Max.    
Solution in 5N HCL Clear    
Aluminum, Iron, Phosphate
and other matter insoluble
in HCL – IS 918/1985
0.5 % Max.    


Incorporated in 2003, the production of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate( PCC) at Yamuna Calcium Pvt. Ltd. Started in 2004. We never looked back since then.
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We have adopted multi stage in-process analysis system, we analyze in process material after every process.
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